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         Released in May 2011, Gyanta's first full-length CD, Indulás (Departure), features 6 tracks recorded on acoustic instruments, spread across a wide range of Hungarian and Transylvanian musical regions. The instrumentation features violins, violas (both classical-style violas and flat-bridged, 3-stringed Transylvanian "kontra" viola), double bass, percussive cello (called the "ütő-gardon") and drum. Singing is in the typical Hungarian village style made famous to the world through Béla Bartók's recordings during his excursions to remote villages decades ago. Guest artists Sergiu Popa (accordion) and József Szász (cimbalom) join Gyanta on a few of the tracks.  Introductory liner notes by Péter Árendás, Assistant Professor, Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest, Hungary.
Approximately 55 minutes in length.  
Available for purchase from Spotify
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The Gyanta Hungarian Folk Ensemble
Indulás - Departure
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